perjantai, 27. huhtikuu 2007

Asante Sana Kenya.

Ok friends, now it's time to say goodbye to Kenya. At least for a while. I know that I'll be back there, don't know the exact time, but I have to. I'm writing this at Heathrow, so only couple of hours and I'll be back in Finland.. Last Saturday the Finnish girls had organized a kind of a farewell party to me and I must say we had a great time, my stomach was hurting for couple of days because the amount of laughing, so thank you guys, we made the party as good as it was.


My feelings have been really confused these couple of last days, because a part of me doesn't want to go back and a part of me wants. I've made some wonderful friends and contacts and I want to thank all of you for the time I've been privileged to spend with you.


So thanks to you Manmeet, Kati and Sukhveer for tolerating me for these 3 months in your house, you guys are something special. Thanks for everything Nimal, Bilay, Raj, Ashka, Deepak, Jacob, Emma, Jenni, Kati, Oscar, Raju and especially Jagpal. Jag, you're a great friend and I will miss u a lot. And of course you all whose name I didn't mention here but I had a wonderful time with. I've had a great time here with you guys and I'm gonna miss you all.


I hope that I'll see you again soon, Love you guys.

torstai, 12. huhtikuu 2007

The last weeks..

Don't have any new pictures or anything to add here, been just so busy at work after that trip to Kericho.. It's in a way really sad to think that in three weeks I'll be back in cold Finland missing this great Country. Had some misfortune here also last week and that actually ruined my plans of going to Uganda.. I had some money hidden in my room and the other day when I was checking if it still was there, it was gone. Apparently our houseboy or the gardener was in great need of money 'cause whoever it was that stole the money, had to go through all my things in order to find them. I'm not really angry, just disappointed. Anyway, have to go now, will write here at least once before I go back..

Kwa heri!

perjantai, 30. maaliskuu 2007

Great times.


It seems that I really can’t find time writing to this blog ’cause of the workload I’m under.. Anyway, have had a great time at work (yeah, right) and outside of work. My boss actually offered me a job here after I graduate, so have to think about if I’ll someday live here for good.. ;)

Been out with Jenni, Emma and Kati a few times, we’ve gone to see couple of movies here and have just hung around. Last weekend  Me, Kati, Manmeet, Suk, and Manmeet’s cousin Jagpal were at Kericho flyfishing, here’s some pics from that trip.


The Damn in the morning.


A bit tired after waking up so early..


Some bees (yes, I know that I play a lot with this macro thing)


And this monster was all that we got.. (well at least I got it) ;)

Anyway, realized today that I’ve got only month to go here and it’s a pity I think. I’ve had so great time in this beautiful country and I’ve made couple of good friends here so it’s kind of a shame to think that soon I’ll have to go.. But at least I’m trying to enjoy my time while I’m here. :)

torstai, 15. maaliskuu 2007

Masai Mara.

Ok, as the title says, I was in the Masai Mara last week from Thursday to Saturday. Went there with Emma, Jenni and Kati and Mariaana (the Finnish girls that are staying here in Kisumu) and some other Finnish people who are staying up north in Siayia. Mara is so beautiful that you cannot actually describe it with words, you just have to see it yourself. Here's some pics of the nearly 500 I took there. :)




Acasia. ( I have a small fixation with acasias, there's a lot of pics from them.)




Elephant (and also an acasia-tree :) )


Some birds.


Another Acasia-pic.






Some scenery.


More scenery.


Tired lion.


Sunset in Mara.

But like I said, Mara is something you have to experience yourself.. Sorry about the poor quality of the pics, had to diminish the resolution so much cause the originals were shooted with very high res and are about 5megs each. :)

perjantai, 2. maaliskuu 2007

Mzuri sana.

Hello all!

It has been a while since I’ve been writing here and so much has happened since. Couple of weeks ago we finally got out with Manmeet and went partying. The only thing about it was that we both had been working for 12 hours on that Saturday so we both were quite tired... We went to couple of bars but there wasn’t so much people and we both were sleeping while standing so we were home by 2 o’clock already. Anyway, started my training and I’m helping out this one workshop with it’s accounts and IT. Cannot say that there wasn’t anything to do at work ‘cause all the company’s accounts are in paper and not in the computer.. So practically I’ve been transferring those accounts into the computer and developing a suitable accounting system for this company’s purposes. Also I’m handling the imports and quotations at the moment so I’ve got my hands full of work. I am working from Monday to Saturday from 7am to 6pm so at least I have my Sunday’s off. :)


@ my "Office"

Last Saturday I went to Nandi Hills to watch the scenery there and it was awesome. There’s practically nothing but tea fields and some villages in between them. Got some great pictures there.


Somewhere @ Nandi Hills

In that same Saturday at the evening there was a fundraising party at Sukhviir’s school and me and Manmeet were handling the bar and found out that we actually work very well together behind the bar counter. Although we were working we still had time to get some drinks ourselves also, so we had to get the calculator out at some point in order to cash the right amounts from people. :) The party raised money quite well and was in every way a success. We were home about 3am and had a few drinks there also so we finally got to bed at 4.30am or something..



Max likes Whiskey also...


...And Manmeet apparently likes me..

Yesterday night I finally met three of these Finnish girls who are here doing their placements in local hospitals. Me and Manmeet’s cousin, Jachbaal, showed them a bit of the city but they and I had to work in the morning so we weren’t out very late. Girls were very nice and this was actually the first night out since they got here. On Saturday we are anyway going on a decent bar tour and I’ll report how it went..

Kati and Manmeet are in Nairobi until Sunday and Suk is at his grandparents so I’m all alone in the house. It’s quite nice to be just by yourself for a while.

Seems like the rain season is soon here, it has been raining every evening and been a bit cloudy. But I don’t mind ‘cause the weather has been very hot and these rains cool the air down a bit.


There was a small thunderstorm the other day.

Oh yeah, I’m not anymore hearing ‘Mzungu!’-shouts at the street so either I’ve gotten a little color to my skin or they are getting used to see my face around the town. :) I’m actually planning that I might go to Uganda one of these days while I’m here because it’s so near and I hear it’s very beautiful up there. I’m trying to get Jachbaal to go with me but will see if we’ll go. Me, Manmeet and Kati are also going to Kericho for a weekend and are going to do some fishing there. I have only eight weeks left and so much to do and places to see that I’m wondering where I’m going to find all the time for doing them all.. But however, I’m enjoying my stay here, it’s a very beautiful country and I will try to get to the internet more often, but it’s not that easy ‘cause usually after working 11 hours I’m not in the mood to get frustrated by slow connections.. But will try however. See you!

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